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What's the total cost of building a plastic waste to fuel pyrolysis project?

Now that the international crude oil price is gradually rising, plastic waste to fuel pyrolysis project, as a booming sunrise industry, has a very broad development prospect. So what is the total cost of building a plastic waste to fuel pyrolysis project? In fact, it needs to invest tens of thousands of dollars to several million dollars, which should be subject to the actual situation.

1. Equipment investment

Equipment investment is a relatively large part of the plastic waste to fuel pyrolysis project. DOING plastic waste pyrolysis machine has a daily capacity of 100/500kg and 1/5/10/12/15/18/20+tons for your choice, and their prices range from $10,000 to $110,000+.

The price of plastic waste pyrolysis machine cost mainly depends on the model, output, configuration and scale of the equipment. You can directly contact us and our sales manager will share with you the free quote based on your detailed requirements.

700-500全连续间歇小机组.pngDifferent capacity pyrolysis plant

2. Raw material investment

The investment in raw materials is mainly in the purchase of waste plastics. The purchase price of different types of plastic waste in different regions is different. You can purchase waste plastics from waste recycling stations at low prices, and the price is relatively cheap. Some regions have relevant subsidiary policies for plastic waste recycling projects.

原料这组合图.jpgAll kinds of materials

3. Plant Site investment

The plastic waste to fuel pyrolysis plant site includes the area occupied by equipment, plant area, raw material area, product storage workshop, power control area, etc. Site investment is mainly determined by local prices and the location of the factory. The plastic waste to fuel pyrolysis plant site can be purchased or leased according to its actual situation.

4. Operating cost

The operating costs mainly include the consumption costs of electricity, fuel and water. Depending on the equipment configuration, the power consumption may be 20-30kw/h; as for the heating fuel, you can choose the sysn-gas generated in the plastic pyrolysis process as the heating fuel, and you can also use the pyrolysis fuel oil or natural gas; and for the water, DOING plastic waste pyrolysis machine adopts the circulating water, there is almost no water consumption.

700工人操作现场5.jpgWorker cost

Therefore, the cost of building a plastic waste to fuel oil pyrolysis plant is affected by many factors, and the specific situation should prevail. Henan Doing Company has installed many pyrolysis projects in 90 contries all over the world, if you have any concerns, please let us know. We will help you to study the plastic waste to fuel oil pyrolysis project and help you get good profit.

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