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How to start a plastic to oil reverse business?

With the diminishing of oil resources and the increasing awareness of environmental protection, recycling waste to renewable energy has become more important than ever, among which extracting synthetic fuel oil from waste plastic is very popular with investors due to its good economic performance. So in this article let’s see what kind of preparation work should be done to start a plastic to oil reverse business.

pyrolysis plant

How to set up pyrolysis plant project?

Firstly, get the sources of plastics in local markets.

Before able to start a plastic to oil reverse business, it is better to find the sources of waste plastics, and ensure reliable raw material supply, because sufficient plastics is the irreplaceable condition to keep the running of the plastic oil recycling machine. For example, you can pay attention to municipal waste sorting centers where you may get various kinds of plastic.

waste plastics

Waste plastic materials

Secondly, do the market research for final products got from plastic to oil reverse business.

Synthetic fuel is the main end product got from the plastic oil recycling machine. It is widely used as the industrial heating fuel for boiler factories, glass factories, cement factories and steel mills, etc. After refinery, it can be even used for generators and vehicles.

pyrolysis oil

The application of pyrolysis oil

Finally, get a piece of land with suitable size for putting the plastic to oil recycling machine.

The floor area of one set DOING 10ton capacity plastic to oil recycling machine is about 400㎡. Besides, you need prepare more space for placing plastics raw materials and final products. We can provide the factory layout drawing according to customers’ landscape.

If the above 3 conditions are no problem for you, you can come to visit DOING factory to do more project research. With more than 11 years of production and installation experience, we can guide you about how to start a plastic to oil reverse business in detail.


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