How can we turn plastic waste into green energy?

To turn plastic waste into green energy, waste plastic pyrolysis machine will be the best method, which is the high temperature pyrolysis reaction under anaerobic conditions, converting high molecular compounds into low molecular compounds.

700-塑料炼油.jpgDOING waste plastic pyrolysis machine for sale

During this pyrolysis process, waste plastics can be turned into green energy, like plastic pyrolysis oil, carbon black and combustible gas, which can generate double economic and environmental benefits while solving plastic waste.

The following is a brief introduction about the working process of turning plastic waste into green energy with a waste plastic pyrolysis machine:

1. Feeding: generally we have three feeding methods: manual feeding, feeding with conveyor belt and automatic feeding. The last feeding method has the highest working efficiency and is the most popular.

700-自动进料.jpgAuto-feeder of DOING waste plastic pyrolysis machine

2. Heating: after feeding waste plastics into the pyrolysis reactor, heat the reactor to a certain temperature, the oil gas will come out.

3. Cooling: when oil gas goes through the cooling system, the oil gas will be cooled into liquid oil. Here DOING can provide two types of cooling system: three-step cooling system and water tank cooling system, which both have great cooling effect. You can select them based on your situation.

Two cooling systems of DOING waste plastic pyrolysis machineTwo cooling systems of DOING waste plastic pyrolysis machine

4. Purifying: after obtaining the liquid plastic pyrolysis oil, the remaining exhaust gas needs to be purified to meet the emission standards. Here DOING equips the tail-gas cleaning system and desulfurization tower with the waste plastic pyrolysis machine, which can make full purification for the exhaust gas.

5. Collecting: finally, the purified gas will be transported to heat the pyrolysis reactor, and the obtained plastic pyrolysis oil and carbon black can be collected.

After the whole process, we can turn plastic waste into green energy, but one thing you need to note, not all plastics can be turned into green energy with the waste plastic pyrolysis machine, such as PET and PVC. Here I will make a display of the common plastics that can be turned into green energy with waste plastic pyrolysis machines and oil yield:

Oil yield of various waste plasticsOil yield of various waste plastics

In addition, apart from the plastic waste, we can also recycle other solid waste to green energy, like waste tires, rubber, oil sludge, e-waste, etc. If you also want to obtain green energy from solid waste, just tell us your raw material, our sales manager will customize the detailed scheme for you.

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