What does waste plastic to diesel recycling plant cost?

From the current market analysis, waste plastic to diesel fuel recycling plant has different prices, ranging from 28,000USD-600,000+USD. As far as how much it costs to buy waste plastic to diesel fuel recycling plant, it is related to the equipment configurations, production capacity of the equipment, the materials selected, etc.

First of all, in terms of equipment configuration, Henan Doing Company provides the following two solutions of waste plastic to diesel recycling plant cost for customers to choose from.

Option 1: Pyrolysis plant + pyrolysis oil refining plant

700裂解和精炼.jpgSmall scale waste plastic pyrolysis plant &pyrolysis oil distillation plant

In the process of making diesel from plastics, both pyrolysis plant and pyrolysis oil refining plant are used. DOING pyrolysis plant can convert waste plastics into plastic pyrolysis oil, which can be directly used as fuel for large machinery factories such as steel plants and cement plants. The pyrolysis oil refining plant can further refine the plastic pyrolysis oil into diesel fuel, which can directly replace the standard diesel oil for diesel combustion engines, generators and other machinery. This solution is very cost-effective, and it is also a hot-selling equipment solution.

Option 2: Waste plastic to diesel and gasoline plant

The waste plastic diesel and gasoline plant combines pyrolysis, distillation and catalysis, which can directly extract light diesel oil from waste plastic raw materials, and achieve the separation of heavy oil, diesel and gasoline. The waste plastic diesel and gasoline plant adopts PLC control system, which has relatively high requirements for plastic feeding, high degree of automation, and relatively high price.

柴汽一体机.jpgThe waste plastic diesel and gasoline plant

Secondly, in terms of the production capacity of waste plastic to diesel fuel recycling plant, Henan Doing provides a variety of models for customers to choose according to their own needs, and the prices of different models are different. The larger the processing capacity of the equipment, the higher the processing efficiency, which can help you obtain more diesel oil, and the profit margin is large. The corresponding waste plastic to diesel recycling plant price is higher.

In addition, the raw material for manufacturing waste plastic to diesel recycling plant is steel, so the steel material selected by the manufacturer will affect the price of the equipment. The steel selected by Henan Doing Company has the required corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and compression resistance. The equipment is of good quality and has a long service life.

700-525裂解反应釜.jpgHigh quality steel material of DOING machine

There are many manufacturers of waste plastic to diesel recycling plant on the market. The quality of the equipment produced by them is uneven, so the price of the equipment is not the same. Therefore, Henan Doing hereby suggests that when choosing a waste plastic to diesel recycling plant manufacturer, you should choose carefully, not only from the perspective of price, but also from the manufacturer's comprehensive strength, installation cases, production scale, and after-sales service.

Henan Doing Company has an experienced technical research and development team and has helped customers in more than 100 countries around the world to customize waste tire/plastic to diesel fuel recycling plant. For more details on the process of making diesel from plastic, project cases and preferential quotations, welcome to inquire.

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