What are the technical characteristics of waste plastic pyrolysis plant?


waste plastic pyrolysis plant

DOING waste plastic pyrolysis plant

Henan Doing Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer dedicated to the research and development of environmentally friendly large and medium-sized renewable energy recycling and refining machinery and equipment. It has been the industry's best in the industry for its excellent products, sincere service and good reputation. The company has a research institute and a new product experimental base for the independent development of new products, and is constantly introducing and constantly updating. The waste plastic pyrolysis plant produced by DOING company has the following characteristics:

characteristics of waste plastic pyrolysis plant

DOIGN waste plastic pyrolysis plant characteristics


A The autoclave of the waste plastic refining equipment is automatically welded, which not only greatly improves the working efficiency but also ensures the quality of the weld, thus avoiding oil and gas leakage and causing an explosion.

B Professional X-ray inspection technology further ensures perfect welds.

C The vacuum device of waste plastic refining equipment prevents oil and gas from flowing backwards and avoids safety hazards.

D Ample safety devices such as thermometers, pressure gauges, safety valves, etc.

E It is dangerous to burn off the exhaust from C1 to C4 without safety measures. In our waste plastic refining equipment, this part of the exhaust gas first passes through a safety device and then enters the safety burner to ensure safe operation of the waste plastic refining equipment before the exhaust gas burns.


Environmental protection:

A Waste plastic film dedusting system The professional water film dedusting system can make the flue gas meet international environmental standards.

B Exhaust gas recycling, used to heat the reactor, no gas pollution, save fuel.

C The reactor interface of the waste plastic refining equipment is sealed with a professional sealing material to avoid accidents.


Long lasting:

A Reactor material for waste plastic refining equipment: It is made of special steel plate of Q245R with thickness of 16mm.

B Welding: Automatic welding seam, X-ray flaw detection technology testing, to extend the service life of waste plastic refining equipment reactor to a large extent.

C Waste plastic refining equipment reactor has a service life of 8-10 years.


Energy saving:

A The system is well sealed with no gas leakage and fuel savings.

B Exhaust gas recycles the reaction kettle, saving fuel and saving costs.


Waste plastic pyrolysis plant working process:

waste plastic pyrolysis plant working process

Waste plastic pyrolysis plant working process

The waste plastic is placed in the reaction vessel of the waste plastic pyrolysis plant, and the inside of the reactor is preheated and is in an unreacted environment.

1. Solids (plastics) are propelled into the reactor of the waste plastic pyrolysis plant by an automatic feeder.

2. The reactor is heated by a spray gun and the cracking process begins when the temperature rises to the set temperature.

3. When the cracking process is stable, the tail gas is heated by the gas gun to heat the reactor.

4. After coming out of the reactor, the oil and gas enters the condenser and is then cooled.

5. The oil and gas enters the condenser, is cooled to oil, and the uncooled gas is used for heating, providing utilization and reducing operating costs.

6. The solid residue is discharged from the lower part of the reactor and extracted by the carbon black hoist for use.

DOING 3D waste plastic pyrolysis plant

DOING 3D waste plastic pyrolysis plant

Waste plastic pyrolysis plant can effectively dispose of used plastics. Waste plastic pyrolysis plant uses waste plastic as raw material and undergoes a series of reactions after pyrolysis. The obtained products are pyrolysis oil and carbon black. The entire pyrolysis process is environmentally friendly and non-polluting.

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