Can waste tire pyrolysis plant industry bring great value?

Waste tires is a kind of solid waste called "black pollution", and improper treatment of waste tires will harm the entire ecological environment. However, we can use waste tire pyrolysis  machine to realize the waste tires harmless and resource recycling and achieve a win-win situation for both economic value and environmental value.

In terms of waste tires raw materials, tens of thousands of waste tires are produced every year around the world, which are sufficient and easy to obtain; in addition, the price of waste tires is low, and some countries and regions even give some economic and policy support to the waste tire recycling business.

waste tire

Thousands of waste tires are produced every year around the world

And in terms of waste tire recycling products, waste tires pyrolysis machine can process waste tires into the final products, containing of 40-45% fuel oil ,30-35% carbon black,and 15% steel wire,10% tail gas. All these products have great market demand and high market value.

So how much economic value can waste tire recycling bring? In order to give you a more intuitive understanding, Doing company has produced the following waste tires recycling profit analysis based on customer feedback for your reference:

Profitability Analysis For 10t Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Machine
Waste Tyre 10t * 80 USD/t = 800 USD
Electricity Consumption 20 USD
Manpower 3 persons * 10 USD = 30 USD
Fuel Oil 4t * 400 USD/t = 1600 USD
Carbon Black 3t * 30 USD/t = 90 USD
Steel Wires 1.5t * 200 USD/t = 300 USD
Profit 1140 USD

(Note: The profit of waste tire recycling will fluctuate due to the local market and the market price of the final product.)

After analyzing, we can safely arrive at the conclusion that waste tire recycling can indeed bring great values.

It is worth mentioning that Henan Doing company's full continuous type/ batch type waste tires pyrolysis  machine has the latest technology to help customers achieve efficient recycling of waste tires. And the whole waste tire recycling process has zero pollution, zero residue and zero emission, which can fully transform the once "black pollution" into "black gold."

If you also have investing ideas to waste tire recycling, welcome to contact Henan Doing company to customize the suitable type waste tire recycling machine with high oil output, stable operation, energy&labor saving features. And there is waste tire recycling machine prototypes in our factory, welcome to have a factory visit!

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