Waste Tire/Plastic Pyrolysis Plant

Waste tire recycling pyrolysis plant

Waste tire recycling pyrolysis plant can decompose the waste tire into fuel oil, carbon black, steel wire. As we all know, waste tires are a common waste in many car repair shops. Some places even piled up mountains, the scene is very spectacular. There are millions of tons of waste tires produced every year in the world, so that how to deal with them effectively has become a common concern of the whole society. How to solve this problem? Waste tire recycling pyrolysis plant is developed and produced by DOING machinery co., ltd. according to the principle of waste tire pyrolysis in order to solve such problems.

waste tire pyrolysis plantWaste tire recycling pyrolysis plant

The main working process of DOING waste tire recycling pyrolysis plant is as follows:

1. Feeding Waste tires are fed into the reactor via an automatic feeder. Tires under 1.4 meters can go into the reactor without any treatment.

2. Heating Heat the reactor. When a certain temperature is reached, the waste tire will pyrolysis into oil gas.

3. Cooling As the reaction progresses, the oil gas generated in the reactor will be liquefied through the circulating water cooling system. Some of the noncondensable but combustible gas is used as fuel to heat the reactor.

4. Oil collection Collect the liquid oil using the oil tanks. Open flames are strictly prohibited around the oil tank.

5. Slag discharge When the reactor cools down to a certain temperature, carbon black is discharged from the reactor and the steel wire is discharged from the other end.

waste tire recycling pyrolysis plantWorking process of waste tire recycling pyrolysis plant

Unique advantages of DOING waste tire recycling pyrolysis plant:

1. Long life The reactor of waste tire recycling pyrolysis plant is resistant to high temperature and high pressure, adopts high standard 3-step welding process, and has long service life.

2. Unique transmission device The waste tire recycling pyrolysis plant adopts pinion transmission device, small power, and not in direct contact with the reactor, less heat transfer, not easy to deformation.

3. High oil yield Waste tire recycling pyrolysis plant adopts a three-stage cooling system, in which the cooling system USES the most effective tube condensation in the oil industry at present, which can ensure sufficient cooling of pyrlysis oil gas and high oil output rate.

4. High security Waste tire recycling pyrolysis plant is equipped with safety devices. These include: oil-water separator, water seal and vacuum device. The oil-wate r separator can purify oil gas and prevent the reverse flow of oil gas. The water seal can purify the oil gas and prevent the tail gas from flowing back. Vacuum device can provide negative pressure, drainage of oil gas, prevent oil gas drainage is not complete, causing unnecessary safety problems.

5. Environmental protection DOING's equipment will treat waste water, waste gas and waste residue generated in the production process without causing environmental pollution.

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