Waste Oil Refining Machine

Used engine oil refining into diesel oil equipment

With the increase of motor vehicles, the number of waste engine oil is increating year by year, and waste oil can cause great pollution to the environment. Therefore, we need to find a suitable way to dispose of waste oil. The best way is to recycle waste oil and turn it into diesel. Next, let's take a look what kind of machine can refine waste oil into diesel.

Doing Group waste oil distillation machine can refine waste oil,such as tire pyrolysis oil, plastic pyrolysis oil, waste engine oil, black and heavy oil, curde oil, etc. into light diesel, the final diesel product could be used as alternative fuel in diesel burnes,enerators,heavy machinery and agricultural machiery,etc. The whole process includes high temperature distillation, circulation water cooling,catalyst deodorization and clay decolorization. Next, let's see the detailed workflow of waste oil distillation machine.

waste oil distillation machineWaste oil distillation machine
The main working flow of Doing Group waste oil distillation machine  is as follows:

1. Pour the heat transfer oil into the heat transfer system, the heat conduction oil is mainly to preheat the system.
2. When the temperature of the distillation reactor reach 290 degrees, turn on the burner to heat distillation reactor, and control the temperature of the distillation reactor between 380 degrees and 400 degrees, and the oil gas will generate;
3. The oil gas will be cooled downed into light fuel oil through the cooling system and flow into the oil tank.
4. Then, the light fuel oil can be purified through catalyst deodorization and clay decolorization to obtain diesel.

waste oil distillation machineWorkflow of waste oil distillation machine

Compared with equipment from other manufacturers, our waste oil distillation machine has the following advantages:

1. The reactor adopts a vertical design, which is easier to discharge than a horizontal design.
2. Double heating system, that is, heat-conducting oil circulating heating and direct fuel heating. Compared with the single heating system, the double heating system can achieve rapid heating, shorten the heating time, improve the equipment operating efficiency.
3. The number of reactors can be added according to the user's throughput. The capacity of each reactor is 5 tons. If you need to handle 10 tons, you can add a reactor and so on.

4. The purification system of waste oil distillation machine can deeply purify refined diesel to obtain bright-colored and high-quality diesel products.

waste oil distillation machineThe double heating system
After many successful cases, it has been proved that waste oil distillation machine has a very broad market. This is because Doing Group waste oil distillation machine  can obtain non-standard diesel(80-80%) and asphalt(10-15%). In particular, non-standard diesel has a very important role in our lives. Of course, this is also the main source of profit for this equipment.

The application of diesel and asphalt.

1. The diesel can be used in diesel combustion engines, generators, heavy machinery and agricultural machinery instead of standard diesel. Because the diesel is non-standard, which cannot be used directly on cars. If you want to use it on cars, you need to mix it with standard diesel.

2. The asphalt can be used for paving or sold directly to an asphalt refinery for further refining.

diesel oil applicationDiesel oil application

The above is the introduction to the waste oil distillation machine, besides, we also provides 3D animation video of waste oil distillation machine to helo customers know more information. If you have other questions, welcome to consult us, our engineers will provide suitable solutions for you.

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