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Why do we recycle waste oil? What are the hazards of waste oil?

You may have heard of waste paper recycling, battery recycling, appliance recycling, but have you heard of waste oil recycling?

Waste oil refers to oil which has been synthesized and used to become contaminated with physical or chemical impurities. At present, the recovery of waste oil mainly includes waste heavy oil, waste engine oil and waste hydraulic oil.

waste oil refining equipmentThe recovery of waste oil

Why do we recycle waste oil? What are the hazards of waste oil?

We all know that plastic products can bring "white pollution", and waste oil can also harm the environment. How harmful is waste oil?According to the survey: one liter of waste oil can contaminate one million liters of drinking water, equal to the water intake of 14 people a year. It takes 100 years to restore the soil contaminated by waste oil. A barrel of 200L of waste oil flowed into the lake and polluted nearly 35 square kilometers of water.

waste oil distillation plantThe hazards of waste oil

Do you feel shocked that waste oil is so harmful? What's more, the common purification equipment on the market has no solution to the water pollution caused by waste oil.What do people do with waste oil? what can we do with the waste oil to avoid environmental pollution?Usually people just simply deal with the waste oil, and not enough attention.

The following methods are mainly used to deal with waste oil in the world:

1. Discard For small amounts of waste oil people tend to dump it into sewers, open Spaces, rivers or rubbish bins

Waste oil poured into the water will eventually enter rivers and lakes, causing pollution to the water quality; Waste oil added to the soil can also pollute the soil.

2. Spray waste oil on the road which is easy to dust

Can use its agglutinate action to stick dirt so, have dustproof effect. In the United States, a considerable proportion of recycled waste oil are used for this purpose. But the waste oil that is sprayed on the roads, when it rains, is also washed away by the rain into the gutter and eventually into the river and into the water and into the soil therefore pollute the environment.

3. Direct combustion

It is a common method to use waste oil as fuel. Some use waste oil directly as fuel for heating furnace. Some waste oil are mixed with other wastes requiring incineration, which are incinerated in an incinerator. The boiler USES the heat generated by incineration to generate steam for various industrial or civil purposes. However, the flue gas from combustion contains heavy metal oxides and pahs oxides from incomplete combustion, which can cause pollution when entering the air.

waste oil distillation plantWaste oil impact the environment

Looking at the above three treatment methods will bring varying degrees of environmental pollution, some even a waste of resources.

So, how to deal with waste oil, both environmental protection and economic?

The answer is recycling! It is an appropriate method to treat waste oil by proper process to remove the deteriorated components and foreign impurities and become the regenerated oil from the perspectives of technology, environmental protection, rational utilization of resources and economy. Based on the consideration of environmental protection and economy, Henan DOING company has developed and produced waste oil to diesel plant to turn waste oil into treasure. This will be a great move, not only environmentally friendly disposal of waste oil, but also to achieve the recycling of resources, which is what the government advocates.For investors, this will be a very promising project. It will not only bring you money, but also a good reputation.

waste oil refining equipmentWaste oil refining equipment

Environmental protection is not only the responsibility of enterprises, but also related to each of us. We should also take action personally, do not throw away waste oil at will, support waste oil recycling, using DONING’s waste oil refining equipment to recycling waste oil and do our part for environmental protection.

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