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How to refine TPO(tire pyrolysis oil) to remove its black color?

Refining tire pyrolysis oil (TPO) to remove its black color with the TPO refining distillation machine typically involves a series of purification and refining processes aimed at reducing impurities and improving the quality of the oil. The dark color of tire pyrolysis oil is mainly due to the presence of heavy hydrocarbons, soot, and other contaminants resulting from the tire pyrolysis process.

Various waste oil for TPO refining distillation machineVarious waste oil for TPO refining distillation machine

Below are some steps commonly used in refining TPO to remove its black color and enhance its clarity and usability:

1. Settling and Filtration: After the initial production, TPO is usually allowed to settle in tanks to separate heavier particles and impurities that settle at the bottom. The clearer oil is then filtered through fine mesh or specialized filters to remove suspended solids.

2. Distillation: A key step in refining TPO is distillation, which separates different fractions of the oil based on their boiling points. Through fractional distillation, lighter and cleaner fractions can be separated from heavier, darker components. Naphtha, diesel, and heavy oil fractions can be obtained, having varying colors and uses.

Refining process of TPO refining distillation machineRefining process of TPO refining distillation machine

3. Catalytic pyrolysis: These advanced refining techniques can further break down complex hydrocarbons and remove sulfur, nitrogen, and other impurities that contribute to the dark color and odor.

4. Adsorption: Using adsorbents like activated carbon or white clay can help remove color-causing compounds and improve the clarity of the oil. These materials attract and hold onto impurities, effectively filtering them out.

It's crucial to note that refining TPO is a complex process requiring specialized equipment and expertise. Henan DOING Company, a manufacturer and supplier of TPO refining distillation machine, has over 14 years of professional knowledge and project experience. Now DOING has researched two types of TPO refining distillation machines with different designs and catalytic technology:

Two types of DOING TPO refining distillation machineTwo types of DOING TPO refining distillation machine

The commonly type TPO refining distillation machine adopts the refining process of distillation-cooling-catalysting-purifying and uses the acid and alkali as the catalysts; while the newly type TPO refining distillation machine adopts the refining process of distillating-catalysting-cooling and uses the solid catalysts researched by DOING engineers. These two types of distillation machines have their own advantages and designs, and you can select the suitable one. But both these two distillation machines can obtain the same quality diesel oil.

Projects display of DOING distillation machineProjects display of DOING distillation machine

DOING TPO refining distillation machines have been successfully installed in many countries, such as Mexico, South Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, Ghana, Mali, Nigeria, etc. If you are also interested in the TPO refining distillation machine project, just feel free to contact us directly!

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