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Pyrolysis technology for municipal solid waste plastic and tire to oil conversion

According to the survey, the number of waste tires known as "black pollution" is increasing year by year, a large number of waste tires not only waste precious rubber resources, but also formed more difficult black pollution which is harder to deal with than plastic pollution which is called white pollution. The reasonable disposal of municipal solid waste plastics and tires has become an urgent global environmental problem.

The pyrolysis technology for municipal solid waste plastic and tire to oil conversion to be introduced next brings new ideas to solve this global problem.

plastic to oil conversionPlastic to oil conversion

Pyrolysis technology refers to the process of utilizing the thermal instability of organic matter in solid waste and putting it into a pyrolysis reactor for thermal decomposition. This pyrolysis technology is a complex chemical reaction process, including bond breaking of macromolecules, isomerization and polymerization of small molecules, etc. to generate various smaller molecules. This technology can transform polymer waste into high value-added energy products and is the most important and ultimate treatment method of polymer waste.

pyrolysis of plastic to oilThe process of pyrolysis technology

The municipal solid waste plastics and tires are exactly the polymer waste that accords with pyrolysis technology. Based on these conditions, after years of hard work, technical researcher in Henan DOING, have developed a new device that makes full use of solid waste plastics and tires without polluting the environment -- pyrolysis equipment. The core technology of this equipment is pyrolysis technology, is the solid waste plastic and tires in the anaerobic or anoxia state heating, making it the gaseous, liquid or solid combustible qualitative chemical decomposition process. Through this pyrolysis technology, the municipal solid waste plastics and tires that have brought pollution are converted into clean fuels with high value.

pyrolysis of plastic to oilWaste plastic and tire pyrolysis equipment

Most important of all, during the whole process, due to hypoxic decomposition and low air emission, it is conducive to reducing the secondary pollution of the atmospheric environment and controlling the generation and pollution of dioxins. Sulfur, heavy metals and other harmful components in waste are mostly fixed in solid black carbon and effectively recycled, which is conducive to the development of urban environment.

In recent years, with the leading technology, environmental protection, efficiency advantages, Henan DOING’s pyrolysis equipment is more and more policy support and industry affirmation, and is expected to become a beautiful scenery of the environmental protection industry. Contact DOING if you need any technical support for the pyrolysis technology for municipal solid waste plastic and tire to oil conversion.

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