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Can pyrolysis oil extracted from waste plastic run in genset?

Pyrolysis is a process that converts waste plastic into a useful fuel called pyrolysis oil. This oil has potential as a renewable energy source, but can it be used to power a genset? The answer is yes, pyrolysis oil can be used to run a genset.

Pyrolysis oil extracted from waste plastic pyrolysis plant is a kind of heavy oil, normally plastic oil has higher quality oil than tire oil or crude oil. We can use it in heavy oil generators, boilers, furnaces, or heavy industries like steel/cement/brick factories, etc.

plastic pyrolysis oil for genset usesPlastic pyrolysis oil applications

But if you use a normal generator, you need to refine the plastic pyrolysis oil into diesel. Then how do we refine such heavy plastic oil into diesel to use in genset?

DOING waste oil distillation plant can treat a variety of waste engine oil, waste tyre pyrolysis oil and waste plastic pyrolysis oil and get high quality diesel oil. The diesel oil got is of high quality and can be used for tractors, trucks, generators, boilers, etc. DOING waste oil distillation plant is the most advanced technology in the waste oil recycling industry and suitable for large-scale industrial production.

pyrolysis oil distillation to diesel plantDiesel extracted from plastic pyrolysis oil applications

We have two kinds of different waste oil distillation plants for your choice to refine waste plastic pyrolysis oil: common acid and alkali catalyst distillation plant and new solid catalyst oil distillation plant. They have some differences in automation degree, but they can get the same quality diesel fuel after the distillation process.

After distillation, you could get about 85% diesel oil yield from plastic pyrolysis oil. If you get 4.5t plastic oil from 9 tons waste plastics, then you could choose 5 tons waste pyrolysis oil distillation plant, then you could get 4.5*85%=3.825t diesel. That is about 4,590 liters of diesel.

waste plastic oil pyrolysis distillation plantWaste plastic oil pyrolysis distillation plant project cases installed by DOING

Overall, pyrolysis oil extracted from waste plastic has the potential to become a viable and sustainable fuel source for gensets. If you want to produce plastic pyrolysis into fuel oil for gensets with pyrolysis plants, or choose a suitable waste oil distillation plant to refine pyrolysis oil into diesel, we are glad to receive your inquiry and customize suitable solutions for you!

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