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What is the profit of starting a waste tyre pyrolysis business in Pakistan?

DOING company has manufactured the waste tyre pyrolysis machine for almost 10 years, and has sold this machine to more than 60 countries, also including the Pakistan. Some investors in Pakistan often ask us what is the profit of starting a waste tyre pyrolysis business in Pakistan?

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Next, we will calculate the profit of starting a waste tyre pyrolysis business in pakistan by using income minus cost.

The cost of starting waste tyre pyrolysis business

→ The power consumption

Take the 10t daily capacity machine as example, which is the most popular model between our customers, it consumes about 20kw/h electricity.

→ Water consumption

The water consumption of waste tyre pyrolysis machine is almost zero, because our condensers system adopts circulating water, no waste water discharged.

→ Raw materials

You need 10t waste tire to process per day, the cost of collecting the waste tire, it’s a main cost on running this business. If you can get the waste tire for free, then this is a very good business for you.

→The labour cost

It needs 3-4 people to operate this machine per day. This machine can run for 20-22 hours per day. You can pay workers according to local costs.

The income of running this waste tyre pyrolysis machine

Income comes from three main products: pyrolysis oil, carbon black, steel wires, which have a wide range of uses in life, so they have a good market price and can be sold directly.

⇒ The pyrolysis oil(40%-45%)

The pyrolysis oil is a kind of heavy oil, and is a kind of very good heating fuel with 10592.48Kcal/kg heating value, which is much higher than that of coal. It has a good market in different countries. The fuel oil is widely used in boiler factory, cement factory, steel factory, brick factory, glass factory, heavy oil power plant,warm supply center and so on. The price of this pyrolysis oil depends on the situation of your local market, and it’s about 490 usd per ton in Pakistan.

⇒ The carbon black(30%-35%)

Carbon black can be used as a solid fuel. It can be used for modified liquid fuel production, as a sorbent, activated coal substitution, as a filling material for production of new low-duty rubber goods, as a colorant for paints and colors, cement and other productions, as a filling material for rubber-bituminous mastic and as a substance for disposal of mercury-containing materials (of bulbs, etc.). Its market price is generally $60 per tons.

⇒ Steel wires (15%)

It contains a high-grade steel. It can be used for further production of metal. Its market price is about $120 per tons.

Based on the above introduction, we can calculate the income of the project by subtracting the cost from the income of the three products, as shown in the following table.

Profit analysis of waste tyre pyrolysis machine


Profit Analysis (Take a 10T wste tyre pyrolysis machine as an example)
Operating cost/day
Waste tyres 10 tons * 80 US dollars/ton = 800 US dollars
Heating fuel
(Choose one of the fuels)

1. Coal: 0.4 tons * 125 US dollars/ton = 50 US dollars;

2. Fuel: 0.4 tons * $490/ton = $196;

3. Diesel: 0.3 tons * $740/ton = $222;

4. Natural gas: 150m3 * 0.35 USD/m3 = 52.5 USD

Power consumption 20Kw/h = 30 U.S. dollars
Water consumption Water is recycled and almost no consumption
Workers 3 persons * 23 U.S. dollars = $ 69
Fuel oil 4 tons * $490/ton = $1960
Carbon black

3 tons:

(1) Direct selling, *60 US dollars/ton = 180 US dollars
(2) Milling, *185 USD/ton = 555 USD

Steel wire 1.5 tons * 120 US dollars/ton = 180 US dollars
Profit/day (calculated on the basis of burning fuel oil and carbon black) $1,275/day

The above table is the profit analysis of the waste tyre pyrolysis machine. The specific data are affected by the market price of the final product of waste tyre pyrolysis machine.This table is for reference only.

DOING company as a professional machinery supplier, adopt most advance technology and use professional condensers system, can promise the high oil yield and maximize customer profit. If you want to do this tyre pyrolysis project, just contact us directly.


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