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How does China handle more than 200 million tons of domestic waste a year?

Domestic garbageDomestic garbage

September 15th is World Clean Earth Day 2018. This year's organizers' goal is to joint 150 countries around the world to work together to clean the world. As a populous country, China produces a large amount of domestic garbage every year. How can we avoid the dilemma of “garbage besieged city”? Pyrolysis plant technology can help you!

As we all know, domestic garbage mainly includes used toilet paper, orange peel, apple core, cigarette butts, plastic bags, leather, foam, aluminum cans, disposable diapers, and various used glass jars. If you don't make effective recycling of these household wastes, then you can throw away the Coke cans after 200 years of wind and rain to degrade. Below are the natural degradation times of our domestic wastes for your reference:

various types garbage degradation time Various types garbage degredation time

1,000,000 is a terrible number, but this is indeed a very difficult problem in China's waste garbage disposal. So what are the treatment methods for domestic garbage? According to the data of this year, the domestic waste treated by sanitary landfill has been more than 100 million tons, and the proportion has been decreasing, from 76.88% to 60.32%. The proportion of incineration has increased from 19.86% to 37.5%, almost doubled.

2 different teartments of garbage

Landfill or pyrolysis

Should the domestic waste be landfill or incineration ? Although troditional of incineration can also play a role in volume reduction, it will cause secondary pollution to our living environment.At present, the efficiency of pyrolysis is higher.

pyrolysis plant Pyrolysis plant

Now we are talking about is a high-temperature pyrolysis reaction in a closed, anaerobic reactor through the latest pyrolysis technology developed by DOING Group. This reaction can not only effectively recycle domestic garbage, but also We can get fuel, carbon black, steel wire, and combustible gas.

pyrolysis plant final products Pyrolysis plant final products

Most importantly, our pyrolysis plant uses strict EU pollution control standards, and the entire pyrolysis plant is environmentally friendly and non-polluting. The environmental protection system for waste garbage recycling pyrolysis plant produced by DOING Group is mainly reflected in the following four aspects:

First, water treatment:

Part of it is the condenser water, no pollution.

The other part is dust removal water, which is circulating water, only evaporation, no emissions.

Second, waste gas treatment:

environmental system Pyrolysis plant environmental protection system

First, when feeding, a small amount of water vapor and a small amount of oil and gas are leaked from the feed port, which is recovered by the hood and sent to the dust collector by secondary combustion.

Second, when burning coal, the smoke is pumped by the induced draft fan to the dust collector for discharge from the chimney to ensure that the smoke emissions meet the relevant standards.

Thirdly, the non-recoverable natural gas under the normal temperature and normal pressure below C4 from the reactor is sent to the furnace through the gas burner through the closed firearm, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. In the production process, the equipment is operated in a fully sealed state, and the solution has no odor.

Third, the waste residue treatment:

First, the waste residue discharged from the reactor is non-toxic and odorless at high temperature, and can be used for working carbon black or for building materials.

Second,if the burning material is coal, there is residual slag in the burning coal, which can be used for building materials, and the two waste residue with emit zero.

Fourth, Noise treatment:

The pyrolysis plant uses low-noise fan, the noise is less than 60 decibels, and the noise of the power part and the noise of the feeder are not more than 50 decibels.

pyrolysis palnt DOING Group pyrolysis plant

Of course, in addition to the above-mentioned landfill and burning, there are other treatment methods, which are not listed here. However, 200 million tons of domestic garbage per year is a very amazing number. If it cannot be scientifically and reasonably handled quickly, it will endanger the ecological environment on which is closely to us. So far, people have realized the seriousness of this problem. Start consciously classifying household waste. However, If we want to completely solve the problems caused by our living garbage, it is not enough to just classify it. The most scientific and reasonable way is to send these classified domestic garbage to a special domestic garbage recycling pyrolysis plant factory, and to dissipate these domestic garbage by the pyrolysis plant of DOING Group, and then turn waste into treasure.

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