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Where to buy a plastic pyrolysis machine?

02 22,2023

You can buy plastic pyrolysis machines from Henan Doing Company, who has rich manufacturing and installation experience. DOING plastic pyrolysis machines stand out no matter in machine designs, craftsmanship or quality....

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What raw material is for better output / profit of pyrolysis plant?

01 12,2023

The raw materials like rubber tires, plastics, oil sludge, etc., are all suitable for pyrolysis plants. You can choose appropriate raw material based on the analysis of oil yields and your local market conditions to obtain better output / profit....

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How to turn waste plastic into fuel?

11 10,2022

DOING Waste plastic pyrolysis plant can turn waste plastic into fuel through four steps: feeding, heating, oil gas cooling and slag discharge....

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What's the total cost of building a plastic waste to fuel pyrolysis project?

09 09,2022

It needs to invest tens of thousands of dollars to several million dollars to build a plastic waste to fuel pyrolysis project. The detailed plastic waste to fuel pyrolysis project building cost should be subject to the actual situation....

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How to start a plastic to oil reverse business?

07 26,2022

The following preparation works should be done to start a plastic to oil reverse business: get sources of plastics , do the market research for final products, get a piece of land with suitable size for putting plastic to oil recycling machines. ...

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How to make money by recycling used tires?

07 14,2022

It's the most profitable used tires recycling way to adopt pyrolysis plant to pyrolyze used tires into fuel oil, carbon black, steel wire, etc....

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