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Four sets of semi-continuous plastic to oil pyrolysis plants were shipped to Vietnam!

Congratulations! On June 4, 2024, four sets of semi-continuous plastic to oil pyrolysis plants were shipped to Vietnam, which is the first shipping of the pyrolysis plants ordered by the Vietnamese customer.

Shipping pictures of pyrolysis plants to VietnamShipping pictures of pyrolysis plants to Vietnam

Unsimilar to other customers, because the Vietnamese customer is involved in plastic recycling and crushing business, so the raw material of the Vietnamese customer is plastic particles. Considering the special nature of the raw materials, our sales manager recommended the semi-continuous plastic to oil pyrolysis plant to the Vietnamese customer instead of the common batch type machine.

DOING semi-continuous pyrolysis machine for saleDOING semi-continuous pyrolysis machine for sale

The semi-continuous plastic to oil pyrolysis plant ordered by the Vietnamese customer can make full use of the plastic particles to generate useful products with higher work efficiency. The main products obtained are plastic pyrolysis oil and carbon black:

Plastic pyrolysis oil: According to the SGS report, under the condition of 15 ℃, the density of the plastic pyrolysis oil is 0.8205 g/cm3 and the total calorific value is 42.86 MJ/kg. So it can be used as heating fuels in some heavy oil machinery, such as cement plants, glass plants, brick plants, steel plants, etc. And if you want to enhance the obtained oil quality, you can also refine it with the waste oil distillation machine;

Usage of obtained plastic pyrolysis oilUsage of obtained plastic pyrolysis oil

Carbon black: The heating value of plastic pyrolysis carbon black is as high as 7000kcal/kg, which is even higher than some coal, so it can be directly sold to the market or carbon black traders. In addition, it can also be used as paints.

About twenty days later, these four sets of semi-continuous plastic to oil pyrolysis plants will arrive in Vietnam. At the same time, the remaining six sets of semi-continuous plastic to oil pyrolysis plants are also being manufactured at DOING Factory. After the equipment arrives in Vietnam, these equipment will be installed and put into operation one after another with the guidance of DOING engineers.

Overall services provided by DOINGOverall services provided by DOING

In addition to Vietnam, DOING also has cooperated with many customers in other countries on our pyrolysis plants, such as Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Russia, India, Chile, Venezuela, Peru, Thailand, Malaysia, Ecuador, etc. If you also want to invest in a pyrolysis plant project, just feel free to send your detailed requirements to us!

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