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An Indian regular customer ordered a set of plastic to oil pyrolysis machine

Good news! On June 20, 2024, our Indian regular customer ordered a set of plastic to oil pyrolysis machine from DOING again. In addition, the Indian customer also ordered a carbon black briquette machine, which can briquet the obtained carbon black to balls as heating fuels.

DOING waste plastic pyrolysis machine for saleDOING waste plastic pyrolysis machine for sale

The Indian customer is involved in the business of waste plastic recycling. Considering the potentially higher utilization value of the plastic waste, the Indian customer decided to invest in the plastic pyrolysis machine project to recycle plastic waste resources into fuel oil and carbon black. During the first cooperation period, DOING sales manager made a serious introduction and display on the machine manufacturing and real projects display of DOING plastic to oil pyrolysis machine to show the design details and advantages of our equipment more clearly. Obviously, the Indian customer was greatly satisfied with our pyrolysis machine and reached friendly cooperation with DOING on a set of plastic pyrolysis machine at the end of December 2023.

Projects display of DOING pyrolysis machinesProjects display of DOING pyrolysis machines

After purchasing the first set of plastic to oil pyrolysis machine, the Indian customer began to work on passing local policy requirements and equipment factory planning with the assistance of DOING engineers. During the preparing process, the Indian customer wanted to enlarge the investment scale by purchasing another set of plastic to oil pyrolysis machine, which can enhance the work efficiency and profits return of the whole project. While DOING became the first choice for the Indian customer for the sincere attitude and service of DOING during the cooperating process. Finally, the Indian customer reached the second cooperation with DOING on a set of plastic to oil pyrolysis machine.

Overall services provided by DOINGOverall services provided by DOING

After about forty days, these two sets of plastic to oil pyrolysis machines will be delivered to India together. And then our engineers will also provide technical guidance and training for the Indian customer to help him successfully carry out the project.

Over the past 14 years, DOING has cooperated with many customers and also gained many regular customers to achieve multiple cooperations with DOING on our pyrolysis machines. So, just trust in DOING, our machine and service will give you the best. If you are interested in our equipment, just feel free to contact us!

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