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What is pyrolysis oil and what is it used for?

Pyrolysis oil is a kind of oil produced by the pyrolysis reaction of waste tires or plastics. Unlike cracked gasoline, it can't be used directly as engine fuel, it can only be used as fuel oil, and of course you can refine it, and after refining, the pyrolysis oil can be turned into diesel fuel for the engine.

waste tire pyrolysis equipmentConvert waste tires into pyrolysis oil

As is known to all, with the rapid development of economy, the "white pollution" and "black pollution" caused by waste tires and plastics increasingly serious. Saving energy and protecting the environment are advocated all over the world.

In this environment, many people are optimistic about the recycling industry, especially waste tires and plastic recycling. Pyrolysis oil is produced by pyrolysis of waste tires or plastics in the process of incomplete thermal degradation of anoxic or inert gases. At the same time, liquid, gaseous hydrocarbons and carbon residues are produced. These products can be further processed and transformed into high-value products with multiple USES. Liquid products, for example, can be converted into high-value fuel oil which we call pyrolysis oil.

waste plastic pyrolysis equipmentWaste tire/plastic pyrolysis equipment

As the price of crude oil rises, more and more people are looking to the pyrolysis oil. This kind of pyrolysis oil belongs to gross oil and can be directly used as industrial fuel oil. It can directly replace fuel oil for industrial or boiler heating, for example, cement factory, steel plant, glass factory, etc. If refined diesel oil is required, an prolysis oil distillation plant is required.

tire pyrolysis equipmentPyrolysis oil can replace fuel oil for industrial or boiler heating

DOING company's waste tire/plastic pyrolysis equipment is able to convert waste tire or waste plastic into pyrolysis oil. This kind of waste tire/plastic pyrolysis equipment can realize the maximum recovery and reuse of resources and has higher economic and environmental benefits.

If you're interested in plastic recycling and the market for pyrolysis oil, you can consider DOING’s waste tire/plastic pyrolysis equipment. Welcome to visit DOING company anytime.

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