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A set of 15TPD waste plastic to oil pyrolysis plant was delivered to India

Congratulations! On January 28, 2024, a set of 15TPD waste plastic to oil pyrolysis plant ordered by our regular Indian customer was delivered to India. The following are some pictures of the waste plastic to oil pyrolysis plant delivery site:

15TPD waste plastic pyrolysis plant delivered to India15TPD waste plastic pyrolysis plant delivered to India

This is the third time for the Indian customer to cooperate with DOING Company. According to the real feedback of our regular Indian customer, our waste plastic to oil pyrolysis plant has excellent work performance and great quality. So when the Indian customer began to enlarge his business scale, DOING waste plastic to oil pyrolysis plant became the first choice for the Indian customer. The waste plastic to oil pyrolysis plant ordered by the Indian customer has the processing capacity of 15 tons per day, which can help the Indian customer recycle waste plastics to fuel oil and carbon black, generating huge profits:

Fuel oil: The fuel oil can be used as an alternative fuel in some heavy oil industries, such as cement factories, steel factories, glass factories, boiler heating, heavy oil generators, etc. And if you want to improve the obtained fuel oil quality, you can make further purification to obtain diesel with the waste oil distillation machine;

Applications of obtained carbon blackApplications of obtained carbon black

Carbon black: The carbon black can be used as heating fuels or make further refined to make paints and new rubber products like new tires, shoe soles, etc.

About one month later, this set of 15TPD waste plastic to oil pyrolysis plants will arrive in the port designated by the Indian customer. Then DOING will provide the professional training of the installation and operation of the pyrolysis plants via online video or appoint experienced engineers to guide their workers on-site to make sure of the success of the project operation. In addition, we also offer the one-year warranty after-sale service to help the Indian customer solve problems he encountered.

Comprehensive services of DOING CompanyComprehensive services of DOING Company

DOING has been involved in pyrolysis plant research for over 13 years, and in addition to the 15TPD ordered by the Indian customer, DOING also has other processing capacities for your reference, such as the skid-mounted type with the capacity of 100KG and 500KG, continuous type with the capacity of 30-50TPD, if you have difficulty in selecting suitable pyrolysis plant, just tell our sales manager you actual condition, our sales manager will recommend suitable scheme for you.

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