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Shipping news! A set of movable waste plastic pyrolysis machine was shipped to India!

Good news! On April 16, 2024, a set of movable waste plastic pyrolysis machine was shipped to India from the DOING factory. The following are some shipping pictures:

Shipping pictures of DOING movable waste plastic pyrolysis machineShipping pictures of DOING movable waste plastic pyrolysis machine

It took about 15 days from contract signing, pyrolysis machine manufacturing to shipping, which represents the trust and support our Indian customer has in us. The movable waste plastic pyrolysis machine ordered by the Indian customer has the daily processing capacity of 500kg, which can recycle waste plastics to fuel oil, carbon black and combustible gas, providing a testing and prospect prediction of plastic pyrolysis machine for our Indian customer.

The obtained final products all have wide applications:

1. Fuel oil: fuel oil can be used in boiler heating, heavy oil generators, cement factory, steel factory, glass factory, brick factory and other heavy oil factories or be further refined to non-standard diesel oil.

Applications of obtained fuel oilApplications of obtained fuel oil

2. Carbon black: carbon black can be briquetted as heating fuels in cement/brick factories, or make finer refining to make products in the rubber industry and as paints or inks.

3. Combustible gas: combustible gas can be used as heating fuels for pyrolysis reactor to save fuel energy consumption.

During the consulting process, considering the Indian customer is a novice investor in the waste plastic pyrolysis machine field, our sales manager made a detailed introduction about our 500kg movable waste plastic pyrolysis machine, including the designs, detailed configurations, working process, and also shared some site running video of the same type pyrolysis machine in other countries. Fortunately, our Indian customer was satisfied with the machine and reached friendly cooperation with DOING.

DOING movable pyrolysis machine for saleDOING movable pyrolysis machine for sale

About one month later, the set of movable waste plastic pyrolysis machine will be delivered to India. And because the movable waste plastic pyrolysis machine is in the skid-mounted frame type, which can save the installation time and space for the Indian customer to speed up the project. Of course, if the Indian customer asks any other questions, our engineer will provide timely and professional guidance for him.

Comprehensive services provided by DOINGComprehensive services provided by DOING

In addition to the 500kg movable type, we also have other types and capacities for your reference, such as the batch type of 1-15TPD, semi-continuous type of 1-20TPD and fully continuous type of 20-50TPD. So if you have questions about selecting the suitable type and capacity, welcome to send you an inquiry to us, our sales manager can customize the suitable scheme for you.

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