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South Africa Waste tire plastic to diesel recycling plant installed by DOING

Good news! Henan Doing Company has recently completed the installation and commissioning of a cutting-edge waste tire plastic to diesel recycling plant in South Africa in February 2024. This project is in line with South Africa's technical and environmental demands in waste resource utilization, facilitating the efficient treatment and conversion of solid waste materials like waste tires and plastic.

Here is the operation video of waste tire plastic to diesel recycling plant installed in South Africa:

Attracted by the rich experience and professionalism of Henan Doing Company while coming across our website, the South African client opted for Henan Doing's tailored solution. They acquired a set of high-capacity equipment, including a 15TPD tire plastic pyrolysis machine and a 14TPD pyrolysis oil distillation machine. These two waste tire plastic to diesel recycling machines were meticulously constructed to meet the technical and environmental standards prevalent in South Africa, ensuring equipment compliance and operational safety.

tire plastic to diesel recycling plant in South AfricaTire plastic to diesel pyrolysis distillation machine delivered to South Africa

Following the manufacturing phase, Henan Doing Company orchestrated the seamless transportation of the waste tire plastic to diesel recycling plant in South Africa. The company adeptly navigated international logistics and customs clearance procedures. After the equipment arrived in South Africa, DOING's team of expert engineers traveled to South Africa to oversee the installation and commissioning of the equipment. Besides that, we also provided comprehensive training to the local operating team, guaranteeing a smooth installation process and optimal equipment performance.

The waste tire plastic to diesel recycling process was carried out as follows: through the innovative waste tire plastic pyrolysis machine provided by DOING, South African customers can efficiently convert waste tires into valuable products such as fuel, carbon black, and syn-gas. And then the pyrolysis oil distillation machine incorporates DOING's state-of-the-art solid catalyst process, tire plastic pyrolysis oil can be converted into diesel fuel at high output rate and high working efficiency. The obtained diesel fuel can be utilized across various applications, including diesel generators, trucks, tractors, ships, and agricultural machinery, significantly enhancing the value of tire plastic pyrolysis products.

waste tire plastic to diesel plantFuel oil extracted from waste tire plastic to diesel recycling plant in South Africa

With the successful installation and operation of the waste tire plastic pyrolysis distillation machines, the South African customer's waste tire plastic to diesel plant has stablely transitioned into production. More information about the waste-to-fuel pyrolysis distillation projects and professional solutions, welcome to consult Henan Doing Company.

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